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One of the things to do when you visit Venice is to eat the so called tasty “Cicchetti” (typical nutritious appetizers that if you eat a lot of these, can be a good alternative for lunch – especially if you want to save time and money) and drink Prosecco (an extraordinary sparkling white wine produced in the Veneto region).

Inside a “Bacaro”


“Polenta con Sardea in saor” and “Polenta al nero di Seppie con Baccala mantecato”

Of course the wine…

I think this Bacaro is one of the best in Venice.

The Carnival of Venice is during this period of the year and the typical delicacy is called “Frittelle” and today I tasted something related called “Mammalucchi” (I think they really taste better than the usual carnival fritter)

And…Venice today…

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!



Is this day the beginning of the week or its last day?

Whatever, I’ll just look at color of the sky against the slumbering branches of a tree almost at the end of winter season…

The bright and heartwarming color of a Camelia Japonica trying to anticipate Spring…

I would savor my luck of finding an LP in a market of antiques in Piazza Mazzini, Montebelluna (TV), Italy

Sometimes just taking a walk can bring beautiful sights and interesting finds.

Wishing everyone a restful and joyful Sunday.



Today, a chilly foggy morning greeted me making whatever destination almost impossible to see.

The humid winter air seeps silently through my skin, awakening half asleep senses as every step brought me nearer to where I must be.

Time is the essence of every season and everyday, as I breath deeply and my eyes started to see, I hoped and prayed that I could add life to time even on a foggy day.

Wishing everyone a pleasant and fruitful week!



When a flower dares to challenge the bleak colors of a cold winter day…

it is Friday, it’s very cold outside and while my thoughts started to cloud my mind with everything from this past week, the urge to look outside the window brought my attention to these little but colorful flowers that inspired me to think, “Even in the coldest moment of the year, there is always something/someone to keep you company”.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day!

Venzone, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Hopping around..., Photography

The most important thing that I have learned from visiting one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, Venzone, is about the power of will and how it drives persons to pursue a dream.

How the people of this small but truly beautiful town in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region rebuilt their village after two very strong earthquakes destroyed it. A beautiful story of life.

Here are some pictures of Venzone and it’s historical church.

Inside this little Chapel were displayed (you pay to see them €1.50), some well preserved mummies, some of the early inhabitants of this little town.

In winter, the town is beautiful but the streets were almost empty. Somebody told me that it is a lot more animated in the other seasons of the year.

If life is a journey, then, it is really a very interesting one filled with opportunities to learn more about life, about the persons I meet along the way. Life is like a never ending story, every new day brings something new, beginnings and hope.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day!


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One of the things that I have learned/tasted during my trip in Amsterdam is this specialty called “Poffertjes”. I like to cook and to learn new recipes so, after returning back from my vacation, I looked for this particular pan and I found it in the internet. Today, a rainy day, I decided to use it but using a friend’s “hot cake recipe”. The result was just as I hoped.

1 1/2 cups all purpose flour

8 grams baking powder

1 egg

3/4 cup milk

3 Tablespoons sugar

3/4 teaspoon fine salt

3 Tablespoons corn oil

Mix above ingredients well.

Grease the “Poffertjes” pan

The procedure in cooking this mini pancakes is more or less like preparing “Hotcakes”

Oh! In Amsterdam they serve these mini pancakes sprinkled with powdered sugar, honey or maple syrup. I love traveling and everything that goes with it. Life is a journey…

Wishing everyone a pleasant and fruitful week!

Pontebba, (FVG), Italy. Snow art 2019

Hopping around..., Photography

Like the sand in an hourglass, time flies. Life is a journey…this weekend another page has been written and again I realized that it’s not about those beautiful dreams for the future but how I savor every moment of each day.

Oh! I thought it would be so cold inside this “igloo”, strangely it was not.







There is always something to learn in life…

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!