Long haul flight

Traveling will always be one of the best things in life for me. It needs time and money to be able to discover new places, new persons with different cultures and traditions, but resources spent over it will always be, for me, one of the best investments that I have made and make in life….

A Mother

Who could truly comprehend the heart of a mother? It is that sweet smile of hope, peace and love the first time she saw that little , defenseless but beautiful creature in her arms. So how do you learn the essence of first love? A mother’s love is never easy to define because it is…

“Pasalubong” – gift

The days are slowly but surely passing by and I am still preparing all the things that I have to bring for another trip to meet my family again. One of my thoughts goes to the buying of “pasalubong” (term in the Tagalog language meaning gift for a love one after a year or more…

10 things to do in Cebu

The following are for me, some of the interesting things to do while you are in Cebu, Visayas island, Philippines. 1. Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu – I think every “cebuano” (a term to indicate the residents and original inhabitants of Cebu knows what this monument is and where it is located). For…


When roses bloom and brings the sun in my eyes even during rainy days… Wishing everyone a fruitful and pleasant week!

Have a good day!

After days of rain here in the northern part of Italy, waking up with the sun in the sky is really a good way to start a new day. “Dreams don’t become us, but us becoming what we dream” Wishing everyone an amazing day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Though it is not only today that I remember a very special woman in my life but I do feel so fortunate to have a mother like my mom. In her way she taught me a lot of vital things which made me what I am today (of course with the help of my Dad….


Time flies so fast… Will I be fast enough to say to those I really care about, how much life they have added to my time… Wishing everyone a beautiful day!

Have a good day!

“Living a beautiful love story and yet dreaming about it…” AFS


When the day is almost over and the sun’s rays seems to wave the day goodbye… it is the memory of the lessons learned and the beautiful moments savored that will make another new day a miracle. AFS