Tanglad – Lemon grass – cymbopogon citratus

Last saturday, I had the luck to visit a Filipina living here in the City of Treviso. I never imagined that one day I would be able to meet someone who would give me the hint that It is possibile to cultivate lemon grass “tanglad” here in Italy. It is strange how life can bring back childhood memories through persons you just met. This plant reminds me of soups taken during cold and rainy days. When I was a child, the taste of warm broth with a pleasant and lemony flavor meant the warmth of home and being with my family. I can still remember how a fish soup called “Tinola” or the clam soup would lighten a seemingly gloomy and cold day. Memories…
With the lemon grass stalks that this newfound acquintance have given me, I decided to make 2 experiments..I hope my tentative to grow lemon grass in my own garden would become a reality! It would be a constant reminder of moments spent with my family and the chance to have a special plant that is considered to have curative properties. When I was a small girl, I didn’t ask questions about this plant’s value but now I am doing a little research about it. Thanks to internet, I was able to learn more about this plant. Is this curiousity a sign of maturity? Or, Is this because deep inside I have always known that there is always a reason for everything …a recipe is a gift, a legacy from someone who had the time to share the taste of a group of ingredients but didn’t have the time to explain why certain ingredients are added to a certain dish. If ever anyone wondered where the leaves of this plant are, well, I cut them, made a knot out of them and spiced my vegetable soup with it. The subtle taste of lemon mixed with ginger made the soup particularly special…


Coconut macaroons – per Yerlis

370 grammi di latte concentrato
250 grammi di burro
225 grammi di zucchero
2 ml aroma al limone oppure la buccia grattugiata di un limone
8 tuorli
8 albumi(montare a neve)
1/2 cucchiaino di sale fino
500 grammi di polpa di cocco essiccata

Sciogliere il burro + aggiungere lo zucchero + i tuorli + latte concentrato + polpa essiccata di cocco + sale + aggiungere delicatamente gli albumi montati a neve.

Versare il composto negli stampi di carta per muffins. Ricordati di riempirli fino 2/3 dello stampo.

Preriscaldare il forno a 180°C per 10 minuti

Cuocere i macaroons a 170°C per 20 – 25 minuti


Per Yerlis….


6 tuorli d’uovo
6 albumi
195 ml di succo d’ananas
120 ml d’olio di maize
280 grammi di zucchero
285 grammi di farina “00”
5 grammi di cremor tartaro o un pizzico di sale
1/2 cucchiaino di sale
16 grammi di lievito per dolci

Passare al setaccio la farina, il sale fino è il lievito per dolci
Mescolare i tuorli e lo zuccheroBeat egg whites for 5 minutes and gradually add the cream of tartar.
Sbattere per 5 minuti gli albumi, poi, aggiungere il cremor tartaro e montare gli albumi a neve.
Composto di tuorli + olio + il succo d’ananas. Mescolare per 5 minuti. Aggiungere gradualmente la farina. Amalgamare bene tutto.
Incorporare gli albumi nel composto senza mescolare troppo l’impasto.

Preriscaldare il forno a 170°C per 10 minuti

Versare l’impasto in uno stampo per chiffon cake(ricordati di non imburrare lo stampo!)

Cuocere a 170°C per 1 ora. Una volta cotta, capovolgere lo stampo sopra un pentolino(come da foto)