Typhoon Haiyan…

What happened in the City of Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines when super Typhoon”Haiyan”, local name “Yolanda”, hit the city, is something that would surely change the lives of so many people. The destruction left by the super typhoon have left people without homes and love ones. Inspite of the early warnings given by the Philippine Government regarding the possible extent of damage to properties and lives, I think , it was not easy for the residents to believe that something so strong could ever hit this city in the Philippines. Living for so many years in Italy, seeing and hearing the news only through the mass media and from friends and family in the Philippines brought me back to a reality that maybe some persons in the western world could only imagine the destruction brought by this kind of typhoon, but I guess, can never truly feel what it is like to be experiencing a super typhoon living in a “Nipa” hut, always at the edge. Unfortunately, most of the persons that were greatly affected by this kind of calamity are the poor and “unprivileged” persons whose only fault is being part of this “class” in the Philippine society. Though each of us could help in the rebuilding process, but I think, aside from the immediate material help that we could offer to the people of the affected areas, the government could take this “opportunity” to create and find a new way to make the lives of the persons affected by this calamity, especially the poor, the chance to start again but with a better possibility to improve one’s economic status and safety. I hope that this disaster would not be considered only as a loss, a failure and an end but a reason to rebuild a new and better life. A new beginning founded on the values of truth, hard work and love for oneself and for others.


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