SAND NATIVITY, Jesolo(VE), Italy

Entrance to the Sand Nativity Exhibit P1340671 P1340694 P1340699 P1340714 P1340736 P1340723 P1340741P1340703This is the best period to visit different “Nativity” exhibits here in Italy. Finally, after 2 years of planning, I was finally able to visit this very beautiful and particular Nativity exhibit in the city of Jesolo, Italy. Art can also be expressed using an ordinary but extraordinary material as the sand. Nature has a lot to offer but only some people know how special and free gifts of nature can be used to transmit beauty and faith. Wishing everyone happy holidays and may every heart be filled with love and peace.


After the “Bollito party”, i found myself with some leftover meat and so…I put the meat in a blender, I added a dash of salt, parsley, a pinch of garlic, some breadcrumbs, an egg, grated cheese and 1/4 cup milk. After 5 minutes, I started to make disc shaped meatballs, rolled them over some breadcrumbs and fried them in a skillet. I used olive oil for frying.