Mint Tea or Tè alla menta

I’ve always been interested with cultivating herbal plants in my garden and this year I am particularly interested with planting Mentha and Lemongrass. I have 4 varietes of Mint plants and experimenting on how to grow Lemongrass here in the province of Treviso. For the mint plants I was able to buy them from the local plant nursery. Today , I thought of preparing some Mint Tea using some stalks from my Mint plant. I have read about the different health benefits this tea brings, all I can say is…it is truly a very refreshing drink. Oh! I also thought that nature has so many things to offer. We often go to buy Mint teabags from the grocery store without thinking that maybe we could try to cultivate this plant at home.


5 stalks of Mint
4 cups of boiling water
Sugar or honey according to taste. I prefer mint tea without sugar
5 – 6 drops of lemon. By adding lemon, you will obtain a light colored tea and for some, a better tasting mint tea. I prefer mint tea without sugar and without lemon.

Wash the freshly harvested mint stalks, wash them, dry them with a kitchen paper, put them in a teapot, pour the boiling water, leave in infusion for 5 minutes, drain and serve. If you like, you can put the tea in the fridge(once cold!), and use this refreshing drink the next day…