My Mint Syrup

P1370816P1370809My Mint Syrup

I have prepared this homemade Mint Syrup “Sciroppo alla Menta” from the three Mint plants that I cultivate in my little garden. I must say that this Mint syrup taste better and different from the the Mint syrup that I used to buy from the grocery store. Thanks to the special “gardener” who made this delicious experiment possible…

for 1 liter of Mint syrup I used this recipe:

75 grams of 3 types of Mint plants
750 grams of sugar
750 ml water

choose the best leaves + 400 grams of sugar + put 100 ml of water into a blender. Blend for 10 minutes.
Put remaining water and sugar into a pot + mint leaves mixture. Bring to a boil for 20 minutes. Let cool for 4 hours or let cool for 24 hours. Drain and put syrup into a sterilized glass container. Put syrup in the fridge. Oh! for 1 glass of mint drink, I used 2 tablespoons of this homemade syrup.

*When preparing syrups from herbs, you must always consider the possibility of being allergic to certain plants!