My Mint plants

I never thought that one day I’d get the chance to cultivate this very useful plant. I’ve made icedrops, syrups for my recipes and sometimes added some of it’s leaves in certain vegetable salads and I must say that this plant is a gift of nature and the essence of what life is all about could come from simple but significant things, nature’s gifts but sometimes we are just too busy running after ….. we just fail to see that we could start our day appreciating the beauty of a flower, a tree, herbs naturally found in fields and for each new day.

Oh! There are so many recipes and articles about Mint plants but as always, we must also be careful because we might be allergic to it. Fortunately, I am not allergic to this plant so I continue using it in some of my recipes. For now, summer is at the door and I already started using the fresh leaves Of my mint plants in making syrups and then using the syrup in the preparation of cold drinks and ice candy or icedrops.