Pane + Pan de coco 🍀🎶 Happy Sunday to all!😘

Making bread  and a Filipino delicacy with only one bread recipe. 

Bread recipe

450 grams sourdough

500 grams lukewarm water

45 grams sugar 

15 grams fine salt

800 – 850 grams flour( 350 grams Manitoba flour + 400 grams bread flour”0″ +  100 grams wholewheat flour)

Water + sourdough + 400 grams flour + sugar + wholewheat flour + salt + remaining flour
Mix well above ingredients  and knead dough for at least 10 minutes
Let dough rest for  3 – 4 Hours
After 3 – 4 hours, divide the dough into 2 parts. 
For the bread, knead the dough and make the desired form. Let it rest inside the oven for 6-7 hours. Bake at 180°/35 minutes
For the Pan de coco:
Divide remaining dough into 12 parts
Roll out each piece and put in the center 1 tablespoon of coco filling. Close and turn bun upside down.  Let rest for 6 – 7 hours. Bake at 180°/35 minutes 
* this time I baked them inside the oven of a wood burning stove for 1 hour at 140°C

Coco filling 

140 grams  dessicated grated coconut 

220 grams “mascovado ‘ sugar

75 grams butter 

103 grams milk 

Mix above ingredients together and cook over medium heat until butter has melted and texture of the mixture is “creamy”. More or less, 25 minutes. Remember to stir the mixture continously to avoid coconut and the rest of the ingredients from burning!

Let cool before using this as filling.