Shopska salad

One of the things i’ve learned during my trip  in Croatia is how to make this easy to prepare vegetable salad. All you need is fresh cucumber, bell pepper, fresh tomatoes, some celery, a few slices of fresh onion, Feta cheese, some black olives and some fresh spinach or leafy vegetable. Oh!  aside from the good food, i discovered that the Croatia is a country worth visiting not only for its tourist spots but also for  its people.  

  Shopska salad

  A “throne” in the town of Karlovach

“Baklava” – dessert with puff pastry, chopped walnuts and honey

One of  Plitvice’s lakes

   A flower container made out of an old tire 

A very kind  old woman selling honey and Croatian cheese  

  Pola’s Roman Arena

A Lighthouse in the town of Rovinj

 An alley in Rovinj