5 days in Amsterdam?

A friend  asked me, knowing that I recently visited Amsterdam a month ago, what I think were the interesting things to do if one have only 4-5 days available to visit the city. I told her that for me, these are the places and things to do for a short trip visit:

1.) Van Gogh Museum


2.) Piazza Dam and the Royal Palace


3.) Red Light District

1C8D5AAB-4E62-45F0-90D7-8D644AF75535.jpeg4.)  Volendam, Marken, Windmills and Canal cruise

5.) Albert Cuyp market, De Pijp


6.) De Hallen

7.) the food…

8.) Begijnhof

7F109622-507F-4D8E-9EF6-A7570C7DEB21A30D5CFD-D7F2-422D-944B-936E13EC2C439.) Vondelpark

10. Just strolling around…

11.) Rijksmuseum

BA1205CF-69BC-4F8B-8B76-6F0E4CE8184A12.) Anne Frank house – It was not possible to take a picture of this historical house, but I was really glad that I was able to visit one of Amsterdam’s points of interest. I read the story of this unfortunate girl and her family. Do hope that this sad event will make people realize the value of Peace, Compassion, Empathy and Love.

Oh! This list is not complete enough to describe all the interesting things to do and to learn in Amsterdam. Wishing everyone a pleasant day!