Cake or muffins???

This is a recipe shared to me by a friend:

4 eggs

300 grams all purpose flour

200 grams sugar

Rind of one lemon or 1 ml vanilla extract

A pinch of salt

8 grams of baking powder

150 grams corn oil

150 grams milk

Mix above ingredients together. (It would be better if you use a Stand mixer).

Set aside 1/3 of the batter and add 15 grams of sifted dark chocolate powder. Mix well.

Prepare the muffin pans

Preheat oven at 180°/15-20 minutes

Fill each cup with the batter about 1/2 full + add the a spoonful of the chocolate batter in each cup + to create that particular swirl effect of a marble cake, use a toothpick

Bake at 180°/25 minutes

I was wondering what to make for some friends coming over for a potluck dinner and a dear friend (best friend) told me that it would probably be much better to prepare muffins instead of a cake. It would be easier for my friends to eat and to take it from the serving plate. Well, thanks to that spontaneous advice, I was able to make more than 20 muffins for 18 guests. A marble cake recipe turned into a muffin recipe. (Oh! To make more than 20 cupcakes I had to double the recipe above).

As for true friendships, i believe that it is a connection that can outlast time and space.



Thanks to some YouTubers who found time to share their knowledge to someone like me who is interested in cultivating vegetables, this is my third year of what I can say, a successful and satisfying way of growing vegetables using a way which is nature friendly. Companion planting. I just hope that this year’s harvest will be as satisfying as it was in these last two years! By planting together plants who benefit each other I can harvest fresh vegetables for the whole summer. Oh! Suddenly a thought came to me, it seems like even in the plant world the theory of having a group of plants that benefit each other means a good harvest and this, I believe, is also true in our world as individuals. If we are circled with the right/positive persons we can create good things. We can have access to true happiness.

I planted marigolds, zinnias and calendulas. In the end, I think I have a vegetable-flower garden!

Seeing different plants growing together in perfect harmony gives me that profound joy, it’s like seeing and touching the essence of life. After all, for me, true happiness is often found in simple things.

Oh! What about these fairy gardens? They also attract bees, butterflies and useful insects

The joy of harvesting vegetables from my vegetable garden and realizing that companion planting is an effective way of growing vegetables. Who really needs pesticides?