Travelling is…

So many thoughts came to my mind these past days and it was like going back in time. I thought about the latest trip to Paris and a city near the Italian border called Annecy and the short stop at the city of Geneve in Switzerland and it was like feeling again that sense of excitement and awe that I felt at seeing new places. Indeed, there is so much to learn from this world, unfortunately the time that I have is not enough to visit more places and to learn something more. The chest where I store my golden memories is too small to contain everything savored and all those moments still to be lived. Life, inspite of everything is a very interesting journey for me.

“Freedom or death” this phrase really gave me the idea that freedom is the beginning of evolution. A monument inside the Pantheon in the city of Paris

Giardino del Palazzo di Lussemburgo, Parigi

Notre Dame, Paris

Museo d’Orsay, Parigi

Place della Concorde and the Obelisk that once marked the entrance to the temple of Luxor in Egypt. Awed and feeling privileged to have seen these.

L’Opera, Parigi

Place Vendome and the historical bronze column

Annecy, Parigi

Container gardening? – in the background the church of Notre Dame Liesse

May this coming week be an opportunity for everyone to learn more, to share the best in us more and to LOVE more.