Scrovegni Chapel – Cappella degli Scrovegni, Padua, Veneto, Italy

Hello everyone! The experience that I had in visiting this 13th century Chapel in the Veneto region left me in awe that 3 days after visiting it, I am still here wondering what it was like to live in the Renaissance era. It must have been a promising period – a period of political, economic and social transformation. The visit to this historical jewel was even more interesting because we (it was a guided group tour of 25 persons – only 25 persons were allowed to visit the Scrovegni Chapel at a time after passing 20 minutes inside a decontamination room) started this tour with a theatrical representation about life in that period and it gave us too, a glimpse of the history of this Chapel (frescoed by the great painter GIOTTO) and who commissioned it, the Scrovegni family – Enrico Scrovegni and Jacopina d’Este.

The visit to this amazing Chapel really made me feel so fortunate to see how a work of art, so profound and so beautiful that after so many centuries it has the power to evoke joy, awe and sense of gratitude for such a priceless legacy to a lot of persons, including me. I think that the city of Padua (Padova in italian), famous for its University, the Botanical garden, the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua, Pedrocchi Cafè still has a lot of treasures to be seen.

Last Judgement, Scrovegni Chapel, Padua, Veneto, Italy

Kiss of Judas, fresco by Giotto

Giotto’s interpretation of one of the three theological Virtues “La Carità – Charity”

“Envy – L’Invidia”, Giotto, Cappella degli Scrovegni

A part of the city of Padua by night

Life is a journey…