One of the things to do when you visit Venice is to eat the so called tasty “Cicchetti” (typical nutritious appetizers that if you eat a lot of these, can be a good alternative for lunch – especially if you want to save time and money) and drink Prosecco (an extraordinary sparkling white wine produced in the Veneto region).

Inside a “Bacaro”


“Polenta con Sardea in saor” and “Polenta al nero di Seppie con Baccala mantecato”

Of course the wine…

I think this Bacaro is one of the best in Venice.

The Carnival of Venice is during this period of the year and the typical delicacy is called “Frittelle” and today I tasted something related called “Mammalucchi” (I think they really taste better than the usual carnival fritter)

And…Venice today…

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!