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The sunny days in Italy these days made me think of Spring, of cool but pleasant weather and of the colors  this season of the year brings. I think Spring signifies rebirth. After the long and cold winter, the sight of my Camelia Japonica in bloom, the daffodils and crocus just make me face a new day with at least one sure gift, the beautiful colors of these flowers.


Nikon 5200_Automatic priority mode + ISO “Auto”



The most beautiful variety of Orchid for me. Nikon 5200_Auto priority mode_ISO 800


Camelia Japonica Nikon 5200_ISO “Auto”_Auto priority mode

Somebody said that it is never too late to begin to learn something new. What is difficult is to find the right reason to believe that this is possible. Life is a precious gift, time, like a river just keep on flowing and I do believe that what really counts is to give a sense, a beautiful meaning to this precious “thing” called Time.

Wishing everyone a restful and joyful weekend!