Bulb lasagna

After my trip to Amsterdam, one of the things that I learned was about the variety of bulbs that I can plant in winter (I planted 4 types of bulbs in December) to see pots full of flowers at the beginning of Spring.

For this project:

I bought 8 tulip bulbs + 8 crocus + 8 bulbs of Daffodils + 4 hyacinth bulbs

I some broken pieces from a clay pot

A good potting soil

A plastic pot

And I started layering (like when I make the famous Italian lasagna) everything in this order:

The plastic pot + broken clay pot pieces + 4 inches of soil + 8 tulip bulbs + a layer of soil + 8 Daffodil bulbs + a layer of soil + 4 hyacinths + a layer of soil + 8 crocus bulbs + a layer of soil + a layer of dried leaves from my garden.

And… this is what I got at the beginning of March of this year. A pot full of spring flowers!

One of the best things that I have learned about travelling is…I always learn something new, something that can make my life more interesting!

Happy Sunday to all!