“Osteria Della Vittoria”, Volpago del Montello, Italy

Hello everyone! The weather in the Veneto region these past days is not really something that I expect it to be in the spring season but the need to know and discover new places helped me to plan the weekend and go to this Tavern located in a town called Volpago del Montello in the province of Treviso. It was not easy to reach the place but with the help of Google maps, we were able to find this truly amazing Tavern surrounded with vineyards and the sight of flowers that seems to greet everyone “Hello!”.

The heartwarming feeling of being in a place that evokes memories of the past but at the same time bringing the best the present time could offer just left me with awe.

Osteria Della Vittoria

Life and nature will always have that ability to surprise me.