Valli di Comacchio e l’Abbazia di Pomposa, Trepponti, Italy

Hello everyone! In Italy, Holy Week and Easter Day are considered until this day, very important moments in the life of all the Catholics residing in this country. But there is this one tradition, I do not really know if it is true to all the regions of Italy, which is always celebrated and a source of joy for everyone. The celebration of “Pasquetta” – Easter Monday. It is about having a picnic somewhere with family and friends. Since Italy is full of beautiful sites for a day out with friends and family, sometimes it is even difficult to choose where to go. But it’s been a lot of years now that we have chosen to visit a new city/place every “Pasquetta” although sometimes we just choose to go again to a city which we think, is really so interesting that we are never tired of seeing/visiting it again. One of these places are: Pomposa Abbey (Abbazia di Pomposa in the province of Ferrara) and Trepponti, Valli di Comacchio, province of Ferrara. The following are pictures taken during this year’s trip to celebrate “Pasquetta” celebrated on Easter Day instead of the traditional way, Easter monday.

The wetlands…. and the Abbey…

The park…

Trepponti, Comacchio, province of Ferrara, Italy

The only thing that I could really say is that…Life is a wonderful and interesting journey. I continue to learn a lot of things and strangely, I keep yearning for more!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!