“Pasalubong” – gift

The days are slowly but surely passing by and I am still preparing all the things that I have to bring for another trip to meet my family again. One of my thoughts goes to the buying of “pasalubong” (term in the Tagalog language meaning gift for a love one after a year or more of absence from the Philippines), considering the special request of a dear sister, I had to go to Venice (a few minutes away from where I live) to get her a handmade glass bracelet for her. Actually you can find a lot of shops selling souvenirs but I really wanted to buy something really artistic and beautiful so I started looking at the the items displayed behind the shops glass windows and a particular sight caught my eye! Behind a desk intent in making a glass bead was a tall, young dark skinned man intent in forming a glass bead for a bracelet. I entered the shop, looked around, maybe the man behind the desk saw me with my interested but perplexed look, he came over to explain how he made those fabulous pieces. Satisfied with the explanation, found the right bracelet (unfortunately he had to prepare it in the way I wanted it), while making the right adjustments to the glass bracelet, he started talking about his life. He said that he is from Senegal but learned the art of glass bead making from a Venetian Lampwork artist and only almost 2 years ago opened his own shop. Wow! Life is truly an amazing journey! Today, I learned a new lesson. Hope is the energy that keeps a dream burning, the fire that has the power to create a miracle.

He created these, thinking about his childhood years in Senegal. He used to make bracelets then and now he is still creating them with the colors of a beautiful heart. A work of art that I can give as “pasalubong” to one of the most significant persons in my life.

Gueye’s shop

A canal near the train station of Venice.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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