Long haul flight

Traveling will always be one of the best things in life for me. It needs time and money to be able to discover new places, new persons with different cultures and traditions, but resources spent over it will always be, for me, one of the best investments that I have made and make in life.

This trip to Cebu, Considered as one of the most beautiful cities of the Philippines started with a dream to see again love ones and it ended as a reality. I started planning this trip a year ago and now….

The trip from Marco Polo Airport (greatly improved in these last years!) to Dubai and then to Cebu was pleasant. I think it is not only because we took a flight with one of the most reliable airlines in the world, Emirates ( of course after having travelled a lot, for me, this is the best Airline company that I had the pleasure to travel with), packing and organizing the luggage ahead of time ( I start listing all the things that I plan to bring + the “pasalubong” for my family and friends – a Filipino tradition, mentioned in one of my latest blogs, that I honestly don’t want to break!), and of course, saving for this trip. The following are the things that I did for this long haul flight which made this trip begin in the way I wanted it. A pleasant and an enjoyable one. As an Italian saying goes “chi ben comincia, è a metà dell’opera” – well begun is half done:

1. Thought of a country to visit.

2. Considered the expenses that would be incurred for the trip. I always choose basing on the rule: Quality must go with the price.

3. After deciding where to go, I start buying 6 months before the things needed for the trip. Meaning, enough time to avail for discounts on the items. I get more value if I buy the same thing when it is on Sale. (Of course I don’t always find the ones I would like to buy at a discounted price).

4. I buy the plane tickets months before (usually 6 months before as I’ve noticed that buying them ahead gives me more chances to pay the same ticket at a discounted rate.)

5. There are a lot of ways to book a hotel accommodation these days. I usually avail for the booking services of Expedia and Booking.com. Until now, they never failed me. Oh! Lately, for a brief stay out of town, Airbnb can be a good option too! ( this is according to my hotel booking experience. I am sure that other persons knows other ways that are even better!)

6. Preparing myself physically (exercise) and mentally (each place is different, each of us is unique and Evolution is a priority. I travel to learn more about people and places. To make myself understand the great opportunity to be in this planet called “Earth”.

7. I start packing ahead of time ( 2 months ahead and finally close the luggage 3 days before departure) having in mind the rules of the airline company and the rules of the country of destination.

8. A pouch for all the documents needed for the trip.

9. A good rest before the trip.

View from the plane window. Marco Polo, Venice

Parklane Cebu

Airplane wing…


Mango, “Puto maya” – a typical Cebuano steamed dessert prepared with glutinous rice and coconut milk and “Sikwate” – the typical Cebuano hot pure chocolate drink.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Friday!