Streets in Cebu, Philippines

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I wrote but I was so busy meeting friends, family members and working and getting to know new persons and realizing that life is indeed a wonderful journey as each new day brings new opportunities for gathering heartwarming memories + wifi is not as good as in Italy, that was not able to write an article as planned.

Cebu city is like a precious pearl for me. It has improved in these years but during this visit to this truly amazing City, I saw that its streets is full of cars and the traffic is really so bad especially during peak hours that it takes a lot of time to go to one place or another.

I think that the best thing to do is plan ahead where to go and organize everything with in mind the art of saving time.

This person is transporting rice “Pusô” or hanging rice in english = Rice cooked inside a handwoven pouch made of palm leaves. The typical form is the diamond shape though you can find it in the shape of a rectangle etc. A part of the street food culture of the Visayan and Moro people.

“Jeepney” – the typical means of transportation in the Philippines.

Can you imagine a motorbike as one of the fastest way to beat the traffic? Well, this Filipino public transportation is called “Habal-Habal”. Though this could be a good traffic beater, I still prefer to go by car, jeepney or bus.

“Motocab or motorcycle taxis”. Living in Europe and seeing cars, taxis and buses and seeing such an interesting variety of public transportation really awed me. Strangely, at least what I saw in Cebu, their is a kind of respect among drivers and inspite of the heavy traffic, I didn’t see a lot of accidents. I thought, could it be possible to assign a lane for each kind of vehicle here in the Philippines? Would this reduce the traffic?

Until the next post – “The way to Danasan Ecopark, Danao, Cebu”… I wish everyone a wonderful day!

“Gumamela” or Hibiscus rosa-sinensis