Trattoria all’Alpino, Ponzano Veneto (TV), Italy

Life indeed is like a book where the final chapter is seen only when life ends. Some might consider discovering places nothing special but for me, it is like adding years to my life. It is incredible that often, while using one or some of my 5 senses, it/they can bring me that certain knowledge of things and emotions which would have been left buried somewhere in my being. Just by going to a typical restaurant (actually I don’t really know how to describe these eateries called “Trattoria” here in Veneto,Italy. For me, they are somewhere between a restaurant and a simple eatery. But what makes them really special is that they prepare some of the typical dishes of the region. In this case, the Veneto region.)

This article is about one of these special places. I think this typical “Trattoria” is one of the best in the province of Treviso!

“Bogoli” – I think that this typical Venetian appetizer is really worth tasting!

“Sorbetto alla Liquirizia” – a drink served after eating the second dish. Some of my Italian friends say that it is a way “per pulirti la bocca” – to clean one’s mouth.

Travelling and discovering places and meeting new persons helps me to know more about myself, of places and how the uniqueness of each living thing can be a vital part of making this world an amazing place to be.