“Acqua alta”, Venice

Venice…Though in the past few days the city and its inhabitants were greatly affected by the bad weather condition here in the north of Italy, though in some parts of Saint Mark’s  Square you can still see the effects of the “acqua alta”, considered as one of the worst in the history of Venice, it is amazing how this historical city in the veneto region, for me, the most romantic city in the world,  is still so beautiful though today it seems to be pleading to be protected and preserved for the future generations to come. Venice is not only a beautiful city but it also represents one of the most precious and beautiful legacy the past has ever given to humanity.


A seagull…a beautiful sight amidst the effects of “acqua alta” in Venice.


Gondolas and “acqua alta”. Too much water under the bridge near “Bacino Orseolo”.

November 29, 2019


It’s been raining a lot out here but this little pink rose caught my attention. Inspite of the cold, wind and rain… it can still bloom giving me joy in these gloomy, cold, rainy and windy days of Autumn.

Wishing you all a pleasant and restful weekend!

It is not about telling someone “I am sorry!” It is what you do to show you are sorry. AFS

Parco Villa Margherita, Treviso,Italy

A sunny afternoon…the colors of autumn and most of all,  the chance to take pictures with my Nikon 5200.  Although there are a lot of places where I could practice taking pictures with my DLSR, I decided to go to this public park  because… It’s near to where I live and I was certain to find interesting subjects for my photography studies.


This tree was so tall that I thought…I would just be contented  to take a picture of its reflection in the pond near it.


an unusual curtain…


a ball…





A step at a time and someday soon I’ll be able to finally express through my pictures what I see and feel.

Wishing everyone  pleasant and fruitful days!!!

A wheel and a Lake

Lake Landro, Val Landro, Dobbiaco, Italy

This wheel is part of the cableway which brought provisions from Lake Landro to Mt. Piana for the soldiers during the First World War – Italy – Austria.

It is in moments like visiting such an amazing Lake and in knowing about its role during the First World War which makes me understand the value of peace and freedom.

Good day to all!