Ponte Vecchio, Firenze, Italy

Autumn here in Italy…a centuries old historical Bridge and the heartwarming memory of days spent with the special persons in my life.


“Ponte Vecchio” – Old Bridge and the river Arno. A world famous symbol of the city of Florence Italy.

Picture taken using a Nikon 5200 – Aperture priority mode.


View from Ponte Vecchio, Firenze, Italy. Nikon 5200 – Aperture priority mode


Photo taken with IPhone XR

Gloomy days, like some days of Autumn, can be brightened with heartwarming  thoughts  of days spent with love ones. I cannot bring back time but I can savor and make each moment of each day count as if it is my last one… I have gathered a lot of heartwarming memories of special persons and places. I have learned a lot of lessons and I know I still have a lot to  learn. Life is a very interesting journey!

Wishing everyone a pleasant and restful weekend!