Mahonia Aquifolium 2020 – MANUAL PRIORITY MODE – ISO 100 – 40mm – f/11 – 1/125 s

These past few weeks here in the north (Veneto region) of Italy, with the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging like a hurricane in the lives of the people living in a secured and peaceful part of Italy, the days were filled with new emotions and new experiences too! It is really incredible how a submicroscopic highly contagious agent could change the lives of millions of people. As for me, it gave me a lot of thoughts to ponder on like:

  • I never really imagined that at one point in my life I would find myself in the midst of a pandemic. I realized, there is no point in complaining due to closed shops and limited mobility, what is important is to help solve the problem.
  • “Smart working ” is the term that is being used here to indicate those who work at home. What an experience! This opportunity to work at home made me realize that this new (for me) mode of working is not only time saving (you don’t lose time due to the traffic), energy saving and at the same time,  it is environment friendly too! It is a car less (emission and risk less!)  on the road. It’s a great opportunity but it is also means big responsibility.
  • Gardening and nature. I like to observe my environment and listen to the sound of birds chirping and yet, this time during this Lockdown, it seems like until now, I have not  observed nor listened really enough.
  • Due to the news about the havoc  and suffering brought by Covid-19 in Italy, especially in the northern part, but it seems to bring continents closer. Everyone that I know who are living outside of Italy showed their concern and sent their prayers. But what is more important is feeling the essence of family ties and friendship. This is amazing!
  • Relationship. It is for some, seeing for the first time in years the true value of the good things and persons who were always there.
  • Loss. It is not easy to understand how in a moment, a once stable, certain  and well defined aspect in life could change.

Of course I am afraid but at the same time, I hope and I believe, that very soon,  a vaccine will be found and finally give everyone…a sigh of relief and live again!

Wishing everyone a peaceful Easter Sunday!


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