Looking into something, capturing it  and then trying to apply the aspect ratio…


My Peony plant this year bloomed adding cheer, color and hope bringing a promise for better days to come.


Manual priority mode  – ISO 100  –   70 mm –   f/6.3  –  1/125 s


Manual priority mode   –  ISO 100  –  100 mm  –  f/14  –   1/80 s

Life is a series of changes and this Covid-19 pandemic brought profound realizations in the lives of a lot of persons,  including me.

As I was listening to a dear elderly man saying “this lockdown makes a day seem longer than it was before the pandemic!” and I silently thought, “Is it possible that he had forgotten how precious is time and that if he has much of it now due to the mobility restrictions, he is even too blind to see it?”.

Then I thought of the essence of everything. There is love, life and hope in each new day,

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