Hello everyone! Have you ever seen the morning dew on a Chive plant?


ISO 100  – 48 mm  – f/6.3  – 1/320  s

Chives are great  on steamed potatoes and scrambled eggs, the flowers are tasty and decorative on vegetable salads (Oh! I am not allergic to almost anything so if you are, as what our a guide told us during a tour about aromatic and herbal plants, “Beware! some plants are lethal for some persons! ) but I never saw the beautiful effect of the morning dew on it!


ISO 100 –  140 mm –  f/6.3 – 1/320 s

Chives are easy to grow plants. At least in the northern part of Italy. I cut it 1 cm from the roots at the end of autumn and like magic, it sprouts again in spring. It’s even easy to multiply! by dividing the roots in whatever time of the year (words from a not so expert gardener! until now, from a plant I was already able to make 4!)


ISO 100  – 48 mm. – f/5.6  –  1/160 s

April is a beautiful month not only because it is usually a time when I start to see the rebirth of dormant plants, the flowering of bulbs planted at the end of winter but also it is a time when the days starts to be longer and the warm rays of the sun starts to linger more.  Although I cannot go yet to garden centers to buy new plants for my vegetable garden  – unfortunately one of the effects of the Covid-19 virus, the opportunity to order them online is really a very much appreciated service. Hoping for the end of this pandemic and looking forward for better days to come!

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