To breath

The last time I was able to see this beautiful old trail was almost two months ago. One of the effects of the pandemic. It is incredible how a once, almost taken for granted opportunity can be a source of profound joy. This is like looking into something with different eyes.


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Amazing how nature alone can bring so much color… poppies – “papaveri” and co.

In the early part of spring when poppy plants  are not yet in bloom, I usually gather some of it (cutting the plant 1/2 inch above the roots), clean it well (I think removing the dirt attached to the leaves of the plant is not really an easy job!), and steam or cook it with a little water and  then use it in “frittate” – scrambled eggs or even in “risottos” – Italian way of cooking rice. But one must be very careful because, if you don’t know well this plant or you are allergic to it, you might get intoxicated. I usually gather them for consumption only if I am with an expert or when I buy them in the grocery store!

Taking pictures while practicing what I’ve learned until now about photography and meeting some persons with mask (another effect of the pandemic), I started thinking about all those years when I have taken for granted going around freely without mask – “maschera”, gloves “guanti” and a sanitizer – “disinfettante” with me. But now, inspite of the inconvenience,  a walk,  after all this period of mobility restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this newly granted freedom, though limited,  is like breathing “air” for me.

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Corn fields and vines…


and “camomille” – chamomile…

Oh! although I enjoyed a lot this 2 hour walk, but I realized too that taking pictures on a sunny day in spring (from 2 pm until 5 pm) is not really that easy. As I’ve said, I have a long way to go but in the end, what is important is to learn something more each day.

Stay safe and healthy and thank you for dropping by.



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