Peonia rosa

Have you ever seen a pink Peony in bloom?

I thought that this plant, thinking of the beauty of its flowers, is not easy to cultivate here in the north of Italy. I thought that someone who had this plant must be a really good gardener. I was wrong! Instead of letting negative emotions like the incapability to grow this plant, I decided to buy some tubers during a plant exhibit in the city of Padova in the Veneto region. Three years have passed and every spring, it never fails to show me its beautiful flowers. Oh! the plant dies in winter but comes back every spring with its amazing blooms. Another subject for my journey through photography. I realized that sometimes I don’t really need a park or someone else’s garden to practice taking photos!


ISO 125 – 90 mm – f18 – 1/6 s

It is only today that I decided to read  something  more about this beautiful flower. Its meaning…

“A flower which brings good fortune and good luck for a happy marriage. A symbol of love and affection, good fortune, honor, courage and a noble heart. When in bloom, it brings  peace.”

Oh my God! I do hope this easy to grow plant will bring all those above mentioned good vibes! For me,  this flower is so beautiful it just makes me feel happy!


ISO 125 – 140mm – f/18 – 1/3s


ISO 125 – 140 mm – f/18 – 1/6s

The sensation of touching…immortality…

Wishing everyone an amazing weekend!


“Santana”  – A red rose…poetry

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