Parco Villa Margherita, Treviso,Italy

A sunny afternoon…the colors of autumn and most of all,  the chance to take pictures with my Nikon 5200.  Although there are a lot of places where I could practice taking pictures with my DLSR, I decided to go to this public park  because… It’s near to where I live and I was certain to find interesting subjects for my photography studies.


This tree was so tall that I thought…I would just be contented  to take a picture of its reflection in the pond near it.


an unusual curtain…


a ball…





A step at a time and someday soon I’ll be able to finally express through my pictures what I see and feel.

Wishing everyone  pleasant and fruitful days!!!

A wheel and a Lake

Lake Landro, Val Landro, Dobbiaco, Italy

This wheel is part of the cableway which brought provisions from Lake Landro to Mt. Piana for the soldiers during the First World War – Italy – Austria.

It is in moments like visiting such an amazing Lake and in knowing about its role during the First World War which makes me understand the value of peace and freedom.

Good day to all!

Pompei, Naples, Italy

I think the best way to visit Naples is having somebody from the place to tour you around the city. I didn’t waste our time and though it was just a day trip, we were able to see some important landmarks of the city. Like the churches of San Gennaro, Santa Filomena, piazzale Largo San Martino e most of all…to finally visit the city of Pompei. I was not really prepared to see a city destroyed by a violent eruption of a volcano but what I saw left me with mixed emotions.

Inside the church of San Gennaro, Naples, Italy

The following pictures are from the archeological site of the ancient Roman city of Pompei:

Oh! Aside from the breathtaking view of Naples, the coastline and Mt. Vesuvio from “Piazzale Largo San Martino, you can also find shops where you can buy handmade “Cameos”. Honestly, I am quiet worried for all those who are living very near the volcano!

Traveling is really a very good way to learn deeper about places and its people. Often, prejudiced opinions written or said has the power to discourage anyone but surely, for me, one of the best ways to understand and see reality is experiencing or seeing it with my own eyes, not through the eyes or experiences of someone else.


Ponte Vecchio, Firenze, Italy

Autumn here in Italy…a centuries old historical Bridge and the heartwarming memory of days spent with the special persons in my life.


“Ponte Vecchio” – Old Bridge and the river Arno. A world famous symbol of the city of Florence Italy.

Picture taken using a Nikon 5200 – Aperture priority mode.


View from Ponte Vecchio, Firenze, Italy. Nikon 5200 – Aperture priority mode


Photo taken with IPhone XR

Gloomy days, like some days of Autumn, can be brightened with heartwarming  thoughts  of days spent with love ones. I cannot bring back time but I can savor and make each moment of each day count as if it is my last one… I have gathered a lot of heartwarming memories of special persons and places. I have learned a lot of lessons and I know I still have a lot to  learn. Life is a very interesting journey!

Wishing everyone a pleasant and restful weekend!



Aperture priority mode – f8, f5.6 and Macro.

An afternoon walk in a cloudy day,  a Nikon d5200, good company and the need to learn more about one of my greatest passions, Photography,  just colored a cloudy autumn day.



Aperture priority mode, f5.6




Autumn is always  an interesting season.

Nikon d5200, Macro


Nasturtium 2019


Aster 2019

Taking pictures for me, is like freezing time. If I will learn to do it well, it would be like expressing without words the essence of the moment, the profound beauty of the gifts of nature and it would be like having once again the sweet memory of bygone days.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday and a pleasant and fruitful week.

Companion plants….

I like gardening and it is really fun and very fulfilling when I can see my plants grow well even in small plots. One thing that I have discovered this summer is how the technique of companion planting (planting together 2 or 3 kinds of plants together) can really help in protecting plants from pest and keeping them healthy, meaning, you don’t need a big piece of land to have a vegetable garden and to have a good harvest. Coincidence or…

Effects of planting together: Eggplants + tomatoes + stringbeans and celery.


Tomato sauce (tomato sauce + olive oil + garlic, oregano, salt. Sauté for 15 minutes) + grill the eggplants + cut in small pieces the mozzarella.

Baking tin + spread a layer (3 tablespoons) of tomato sauce + a layer of grilled eggplants + tomato sauce and mozzarella. Do this procedure until you have utilized all the grilled eggplants. Top with tomato sauce and mozzarella. Bake at 180°C for 30-40 minutes. Serve hot.

Oh! The original recipe is with fried eggplants.

The joy of sowing and harvesting…