Duomo di Milano, Milan, Italy

The “Duomo di Milano”  magnificient Cathedral of Milan.



52 columns made of Candoglia marble




The view from the rooftop of this amazing monument was really awesome! Oh, I was wondering too how the roof could carry so many people…




It is about touching history and feeling so lucky to be able to see this world renowned monument. A Masterpiece. A work of Love, Patience and Determination.



A fountain in front of the Sforzesco Castle “Castello Sforzesco”.



And I was really struck by this writing…


Born to be loved…

Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday!


Unusual Sunday

Treviso (TV)…


Would you believe that this is a staircase?

The following pictures were taken during a practical session of photography in the city of Treviso.








I thought it was almost late for me to start to learn more about photography but then, each session of this course made me realize that the decision taken more than a month ago was the right one! Sometimes, it is better late than never.

Wishing everyone a restful Sunday and a pleasant and fruitful week ahead.

A rainy day…

Hello everyone!

In a cold and rainy day, it is still possible to see the “Sun” looking through the heart’s eyes…

The guided tour to visit two of the most famous places here in the Veneto region was really an amazing experience inspite of the cold and rainy weather. Honestly, I was not really sure if I could take some pictures due to the rain, and then as I started to look at the beauty of the place on a rainy day, suddenly I noticed other aspects of visiting the Santuary of “Monte Berico” and the city of Marostica the province of Vicenza on a rainy winter day.

A place of worship for Cristians, even more, it really gave me that profound feeling of peace and joy.

A library with more than 80,000 books…

A 15th century book… a medieval book with a pig skin cover. How a book survived through all these centuries not only because of its care but also for its cover. 🤔


A painting which depicts the guardian angel…”Chiesa della Madonna del Carmine, Marostica”

Lucky enough to see this amazing monumental work of art by Paolo Veronese. “The Feast of Saint Gregory the Great (1572)” depicts Pope Gregory I dining with a dozen poor pilgrims, including Jesus in disguise at his right side.

Notice the shell symbol on Jesus’s robe. A symbol of pilgrimage.

Tulips and pastries…

Feeling the warmth even on a cold and rainy day…

Wishing you all an amazing Sunday!

Cison di Valmarino (TV), Italy

A small, interesting and historical town to visit in the province of Treviso, Italy.

Castelbrando… A medieval castle built on top of a limestone rock overlooking the city of Cison di Valmarino, province of Treviso, Italy.

The streets decorated with these red Christmas trees…

An old well..

A Nativity…

A red “500” car and a sign ” Uno dei Borghi più belli d’Italia” – part of an association of towns of historical interest founded in 2001 on the initiative of the tourism council of the “Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani” with the aim of preserving and maintaining villages of quality heritage.

Article 13 “Personal liberty shall be inviolable”

Article 11. “Italy rejects war as an instrument of aggression against the freedom of people and as a means of settlement of international disputes…”

Article 4 of the Constitution of the Italian Republic.

Article 3 of the Constitution of the Italian Republic.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to read everything but I took some pictures of some articles of the Italian Constitution written on wood.

Oh! I actually saw three houses with slogans during the fascist regime in Italy which really made me think…was it really important to restore (making it legible) those slogans? What was the true purpose of making those slogans clear and easy enough to be read by anyone? 🤔

It’s already January 6 here in Italy and it’s a national holiday. Epiphany – the feast of the Three Kings, “La Befana”- the old Witch who brings toys/goodies to children who have been good during the year and “Carbone”- a candy which looks like charcoal for those who have been naughty during the past year.


“Panevin”- Bread and wine (celebrated on the 5th of January). A tradition in the Veneto region who used a bonfire to evoke the sun. Another tradition of Panevin is a crop forecast (I think, the town of Arcade, in the province of Treviso, Italy, best represents this tradition!). “Falive a mattina, tol su el saco e va a farina – When the smoke goes east, take a bag and go begging. ” Se la falive le va a sera, de polenta pien caliera” – When the smoke goes west, the crop will be good, the pot full with polenta.

What would be this year’s forecast? I have to read the newspaper tomorrow to know it!

For those who are Christians, I wish you Happy Three Kings! For those who are not, wishing you an amazing day! 😊

The last day of the year 2019

Going to work and finding …

Parco Sant’Artemio, Treviso (TV), Italy

The road…

A fantastic gift.

Wishing everyone a wonderful end of the year and…

My wish for everyone is…

For a year full of good opportunities

For a year of peace, joy and good health

For a year of wisdom and hope for better things to come

For a year of LOVE.


Sunset, Santo Stefano di Barbozza, Valdobbiadene (TV), Italy

The day is almost done

Today will be tomorrow’s past

Memories… the fervid hope that tomorrow will bring new beginnings and opportunities.

A new hope of better things to come.

A beautiful sunset…


Bardolino, Lake Garda, Italy

It’s a  cloudy and cold day and yet… this small but very interesting town in Lake Garda has so much magic in it, the day seemed brighter and warmer.

Lake Garda and…

Who hanged this heart of stone?


“It is only with the heart that one can see clearly” this phrase reminds me of…The little Prince (in the book written by Antoine de Saint Exupèry) “It is only in the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”.

Someone painted this on a wall…


Love is…

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday!

“Acqua alta”, Venice

Venice…Though in the past few days the city and its inhabitants were greatly affected by the bad weather condition here in the north of Italy, though in some parts of Saint Mark’s  Square you can still see the effects of the “acqua alta”, considered as one of the worst in the history of Venice, it is amazing how this historical city in the veneto region, for me, the most romantic city in the world,  is still so beautiful though today it seems to be pleading to be protected and preserved for the future generations to come. Venice is not only a beautiful city but it also represents one of the most precious and beautiful legacy the past has ever given to humanity.


A seagull…a beautiful sight amidst the effects of “acqua alta” in Venice.


Gondolas and “acqua alta”. Too much water under the bridge near “Bacino Orseolo”.

November 29, 2019