Ponte Vecchio, Firenze, Italy

Autumn here in Italy…a centuries old historical Bridge and the heartwarming memory of days spent with the special persons in my life.


“Ponte Vecchio” – Old Bridge and the river Arno. A world famous symbol of the city of Florence Italy.

Picture taken using a Nikon 5200 – Aperture priority mode.


View from Ponte Vecchio, Firenze, Italy. Nikon 5200 – Aperture priority mode


Photo taken with IPhone XR

Gloomy days, like some days of Autumn, can be brightened with heartwarming  thoughts  of days spent with love ones. I cannot bring back time but I can savor and make each moment of each day count as if it is my last one… I have gathered a lot of heartwarming memories of special persons and places. I have learned a lot of lessons and I know I still have a lot to  learn. Life is a very interesting journey!

Wishing everyone a pleasant and restful weekend!



Aperture priority mode – f8, f5.6 and Macro.

An afternoon walk in a cloudy day,  a Nikon d5200, good company and the need to learn more about one of my greatest passions, Photography,  just colored a cloudy autumn day.



Aperture priority mode, f5.6




Autumn is always  an interesting season.

Nikon d5200, Macro


Nasturtium 2019


Aster 2019

Taking pictures for me, is like freezing time. If I will learn to do it well, it would be like expressing without words the essence of the moment, the profound beauty of the gifts of nature and it would be like having once again the sweet memory of bygone days.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday and a pleasant and fruitful week.

As another week unfolds

I fill my thoughts with all the beautiful things seen until this day

I dream of new opportunities and positive experiences

I hope for new ways to understand the connection between life and time

My past is nothing but a guideline to the present

The future is a dream, almost within reach.

Campo Tures 2019, Alto Adige, Italy

Wishing everyone a pleasant and fruitful week!

I dream of blue skies, cool air, a mountain and fields with flowers

I hope the ticks will not find me.

Villa Parco Bolasco, Castelfranco Veneto (TV), Italy

A romantic garden…

Wandering thoughts

Refreshing hues of green

A memory.

Sophora Japonica Pendula…A Sleeping Beauty for more than 100 years.

Villa Revedin Bolasco.

A particular staircase that caught

my eye. “Lo scalone del Meduna”

Le scuderie – the Stable

A romantic garden to help me understand even more, that life is a journey, sometimes in search for the hidden priceless “gems”… a landscape created by man and nature to give generations to come an amazing gift that could last forever…

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

Anterselva Lake, Alto Adige, Italy

Sometimes it is not always a question of having time to visit amazing places. Finding time and saving for it can sometimes make this dream possible.

A map of the Lake. The trail for the walk around the lake was easy for an average hiker like me and well-signed.

How about reading a book for 20 minutes from this point of the lake? Oh! Sometimes, I find myself so busy to read a 200 pages book in a week so I decided to read a few pages everyday so I could surely finish it in a month. If I could do this, I’d be able to read at least 8 books in a year!

And as I walk around this beautiful lake, I met a lot of persons, with their families or alone, with different expressions on their faces. And I thought, we can savor the beauty of this amazing place because somebody thought of taking care of it.


A wood sculpture…

An easy 2 hours hike and it left me with a lasting and very profound and beautiful memory.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and restful Sunday.

“Sentiero delle Leggende” to Rifugio Vajolet, Italy

The “Sentiero delle Leggende”, Val di Fassa, Italy – one of the pathways to reach Rifugio Vajolet.

The joy of finally reaching one of the mountain huts in my bucket list is beyond words. Maybe because it was in my list for 23 years!

Dreams do come true if it is meant to be… Act and plan + dream and believe 🤔

To reach the “Sentiero delle leggende” – we took 2 chairlifts from Pera di Fassa to Pian Pecei.

The following are some views from the trail…

The first legend. ” gli Stregoni dei Mugoni” – The wizards of the Mugons

A natural garden only nature can do. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough to take care of this free and amazing gift.

Rifugio Gardeccia

Rifugio Stella Alpina

Rifugio Preuss…


Rifugio Vajolet

Le torri del Vajolet

The Dolomites…an amazing place to be and to see.

On the way back, a short stop by this stream of cold water to dip for a minute my feet and…

A small butterfly hovered and stopped on a small rock. Resting like me?

Wishing everyone an amazing week!

Rifugio Locatelli, Sentiero 101, Alto Adige, Italy

Good day everyone!

If anyone will ask me about one of the best “Rifugi di montagna” – Alpine huts in Italy, I would say that this is one of the best and easiest to reach if you start the walk from Rifugio Auronzo (the road to reach the parking near Rifugio Auronzo is a toll road. €30/car).

Rifugio Locatelli

Rifugio Auronzo

Rifugio Lavaredo

I thought, nature itself can create an amazing garden at more than 2,000 feet above sea level. 🤔

Laghetti dei Piani, Sesto – 2 small lakes near Rifugio Locatelli

Le Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Sesto, Italy. Though, for me, this is a relatively easy excursion, but it is always advisable to use good “scarponi di montagna” – hiking shoes and to bring what is necessary in case of a sudden change of weather. After more than 20 years of hiking, I realized that the weather can really change from sunny to bad especially after 2 pm even during summer months!

This Dolomite excursion is so amazing for me that after the fourth time of hiking towards “Rifugio Locatelli”, it is always, for me, another reason to come back and visit it again. Oh! After a long walk, how about a taste of one of their specialties?

“Polenta con salsiccia e funghi trifolati ” – corn meal with Italian sausage and mushrooms

Wishing everyone a wonderful and restful Sunday! 😘

Danasan Ecopark, Danao, Cebu, Philippines

One of the best adventurous trips that I have done in the province of Cebu is this road trip. The scenery was great but the road to this Ecopark is not really that good. The road was narrow but fortunately most part was cemented. The almost savage beauty of the place awed but at the same time made me feel helpless against such wild and amazing place. Since I arrived at half past noon, I had to leave immediately with the whole group so I was not really able to see all the things the Ecopark has to offer. I consider this place one of the best tourist spots in Cebu. Thank you to my brod and to the whole group for making this adventure worth remembering.

Oh! I loved looking at the scenery and the rural life of some Cebuanos living near the Danasan Ecopark.

Though this map says only 54 minutes, but you have to consider the road and the weather in going there since it can greatly influence the time needed to reach the place. In our case, it took us almost 2 hours before we finally reach the park.

Because the weather here is cooler than in the city of Cebu, some farmers are cultivating roses and selling them to tourist going to and from the Ecopark.

Smiling children going home after school…

No traffic…

Small creeks which reminds me of bygone days with my school friends in Iligan city, Mindanao, Philippines.

Corn variety cultivated in the area. They are shorter than the ones I saw being cultivated in the Veneto region, Italy.

A typical Filipino house called “Nipa hut, Bahay kubo, Kamalig or Payag”

Although my trip to this Ecopark was short, it was able to leave me such a heartwarming feeling that not all of nature is lost. I am sure that someday soon I could really visit well this amazing zone of the province of Cebu. For now, I will just be grateful that somebody gave me the chance to have glimpse of another paradise on earth.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday!