Anterselva Lake, Alto Adige, Italy

Sometimes it is not always a question of having time to visit amazing places. Finding time and saving for it can sometimes make this dream possible.

A map of the Lake. The trail for the walk around the lake was easy for an average hiker like me and well-signed.

How about reading a book for 20 minutes from this point of the lake? Oh! Sometimes, I find myself so busy to read a 200 pages book in a week so I decided to read a few pages everyday so I could surely finish it in a month. If I could do this, I’d be able to read at least 8 books in a year!

And as I walk around this beautiful lake, I met a lot of persons, with their families or alone, with different expressions on their faces. And I thought, we can savor the beauty of this amazing place because somebody thought of taking care of it.


A wood sculpture…

An easy 2 hours hike and it left me with a lasting and very profound and beautiful memory.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and restful Sunday.

“Sentiero delle Leggende” to Rifugio Vajolet, Italy

The “Sentiero delle Leggende”, Val di Fassa, Italy – one of the pathways to reach Rifugio Vajolet.

The joy of finally reaching one of the mountain huts in my bucket list is beyond words. Maybe because it was in my list for 23 years!

Dreams do come true if it is meant to be… Act and plan + dream and believe 🤔

To reach the “Sentiero delle leggende” – we took 2 chairlifts from Pera di Fassa to Pian Pecei.

The following are some views from the trail…

The first legend. ” gli Stregoni dei Mugoni” – The wizards of the Mugons

A natural garden only nature can do. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough to take care of this free and amazing gift.

Rifugio Gardeccia

Rifugio Stella Alpina

Rifugio Preuss…


Rifugio Vajolet

Le torri del Vajolet

The Dolomites…an amazing place to be and to see.

On the way back, a short stop by this stream of cold water to dip for a minute my feet and…

A small butterfly hovered and stopped on a small rock. Resting like me?

Wishing everyone an amazing week!

Trattoria all’Alpino, Ponzano Veneto (TV), Italy

Life indeed is like a book where the final chapter is seen only when life ends. Some might consider discovering places nothing special but for me, it is like adding years to my life. It is incredible that often, while using one or some of my 5 senses, it/they can bring me that certain knowledge of things and emotions which would have been left buried somewhere in my being. Just by going to a typical restaurant (actually I don’t really know how to describe these eateries called “Trattoria” here in Veneto,Italy. For me, they are somewhere between a restaurant and a simple eatery. But what makes them really special is that they prepare some of the typical dishes of the region. In this case, the Veneto region.)

This article is about one of these special places. I think this typical “Trattoria” is one of the best in the province of Treviso!

“Bogoli” – I think that this typical Venetian appetizer is really worth tasting!

“Sorbetto alla Liquirizia” – a drink served after eating the second dish. Some of my Italian friends say that it is a way “per pulirti la bocca” – to clean one’s mouth.

Travelling and discovering places and meeting new persons helps me to know more about myself, of places and how the uniqueness of each living thing can be a vital part of making this world an amazing place to be.

Rifugio Locatelli, Sentiero 101, Alto Adige, Italy

Good day everyone!

If anyone will ask me about one of the best “Rifugi di montagna” – Alpine huts in Italy, I would say that this is one of the best and easiest to reach if you start the walk from Rifugio Auronzo (the road to reach the parking near Rifugio Auronzo is a toll road. €30/car).

Rifugio Locatelli

Rifugio Auronzo

Rifugio Lavaredo

I thought, nature itself can create an amazing garden at more than 2,000 feet above sea level. 🤔

Laghetti dei Piani, Sesto – 2 small lakes near Rifugio Locatelli

Le Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Sesto, Italy. Though, for me, this is a relatively easy excursion, but it is always advisable to use good “scarponi di montagna” – hiking shoes and to bring what is necessary in case of a sudden change of weather. After more than 20 years of hiking, I realized that the weather can really change from sunny to bad especially after 2 pm even during summer months!

This Dolomite excursion is so amazing for me that after the fourth time of hiking towards “Rifugio Locatelli”, it is always, for me, another reason to come back and visit it again. Oh! After a long walk, how about a taste of one of their specialties?

“Polenta con salsiccia e funghi trifolati ” – corn meal with Italian sausage and mushrooms

Wishing everyone a wonderful and restful Sunday! 😘

Danasan Ecopark, Danao, Cebu, Philippines

One of the best adventurous trips that I have done in the province of Cebu is this road trip. The scenery was great but the road to this Ecopark is not really that good. The road was narrow but fortunately most part was cemented. The almost savage beauty of the place awed but at the same time made me feel helpless against such wild and amazing place. Since I arrived at half past noon, I had to leave immediately with the whole group so I was not really able to see all the things the Ecopark has to offer. I consider this place one of the best tourist spots in Cebu. Thank you to my brod and to the whole group for making this adventure worth remembering.

Oh! I loved looking at the scenery and the rural life of some Cebuanos living near the Danasan Ecopark.

Though this map says only 54 minutes, but you have to consider the road and the weather in going there since it can greatly influence the time needed to reach the place. In our case, it took us almost 2 hours before we finally reach the park.

Because the weather here is cooler than in the city of Cebu, some farmers are cultivating roses and selling them to tourist going to and from the Ecopark.

Smiling children going home after school…

No traffic…

Small creeks which reminds me of bygone days with my school friends in Iligan city, Mindanao, Philippines.

Corn variety cultivated in the area. They are shorter than the ones I saw being cultivated in the Veneto region, Italy.

A typical Filipino house called “Nipa hut, Bahay kubo, Kamalig or Payag”

Although my trip to this Ecopark was short, it was able to leave me such a heartwarming feeling that not all of nature is lost. I am sure that someday soon I could really visit well this amazing zone of the province of Cebu. For now, I will just be grateful that somebody gave me the chance to have glimpse of another paradise on earth.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday!

Streets in Cebu, Philippines

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I wrote but I was so busy meeting friends, family members and working and getting to know new persons and realizing that life is indeed a wonderful journey as each new day brings new opportunities for gathering heartwarming memories + wifi is not as good as in Italy, that was not able to write an article as planned.

Cebu city is like a precious pearl for me. It has improved in these years but during this visit to this truly amazing City, I saw that its streets is full of cars and the traffic is really so bad especially during peak hours that it takes a lot of time to go to one place or another.

I think that the best thing to do is plan ahead where to go and organize everything with in mind the art of saving time.

This person is transporting rice “Pusô” or hanging rice in english = Rice cooked inside a handwoven pouch made of palm leaves. The typical form is the diamond shape though you can find it in the shape of a rectangle etc. A part of the street food culture of the Visayan and Moro people.

“Jeepney” – the typical means of transportation in the Philippines.

Can you imagine a motorbike as one of the fastest way to beat the traffic? Well, this Filipino public transportation is called “Habal-Habal”. Though this could be a good traffic beater, I still prefer to go by car, jeepney or bus.

“Motocab or motorcycle taxis”. Living in Europe and seeing cars, taxis and buses and seeing such an interesting variety of public transportation really awed me. Strangely, at least what I saw in Cebu, their is a kind of respect among drivers and inspite of the heavy traffic, I didn’t see a lot of accidents. I thought, could it be possible to assign a lane for each kind of vehicle here in the Philippines? Would this reduce the traffic?

Until the next post – “The way to Danasan Ecopark, Danao, Cebu”… I wish everyone a wonderful day!

“Gumamela” or Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Casa Gorordo, Cebu, Philippines

I have heard so much about this historical house, located in the Parian district in Cebu, the oldest city in the Philippines, so this time, with the help of my brother, I was finally able to visit this “balay nga tisa” (“Balay” stands for house, while “tisa” means bricks). My impression was that of awe as I listened to the guide while she was explaining about the history and at the same time the customs and traditions during the 1850’s and 1860’s in Cebu. I found it really amusing to hear about how a Courtship could be during that period. “A boy who likes a girl would express his feelings to the girl with a “Harana” – singing a love song. If the girl likes him, she would drop a handkerchief from the window, which means, he can come up the house to talk to her. But not alone! Her mother would sit between them, thus, listening and observing everything between her daughter and her suitor. It is almost impossible for me to understand why the private/personal life of a woman could be controlled by her parents, as a child, as an adult and even after marriage! Women nowadays have more freedom to choose and to become what they want to be.

View of “Balay nga tisa” from the souvenir shop

The following are some images of the historical house:

A view of the piano and the dining room

Can this climbing plant be more than 200 years old?


A wood stove

“Silong” lower part of the house

A very beautiful historical house in the oldest city of the Philippines. “Balay nga tisa”. For me, this experience really made me realize how lucky I am to be able to have an insight of the life of the “Filipina” – a girl from the Philippines, in the past. Life is a never ending story. It ends only when it ceases to be.

“Tartanilla” – a two wheeled horse-drawn carriage, one of the means of transportation in the olden times and still in use in some areas in the Philippines.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day!

“Tops”, Cebu

The view from here of the city of Cebu, Philippines was really breathtaking!

A beautiful day and the sight of so many persons around with their family and friends made me feel how awesome life is.

To the right from the entrance, shops and snack bars

Picnic zone

By night a good place to relax..

Another way of adding life to Time.

Wishing everyone an amazing week!

Long haul flight

Traveling will always be one of the best things in life for me. It needs time and money to be able to discover new places, new persons with different cultures and traditions, but resources spent over it will always be, for me, one of the best investments that I have made and make in life.

This trip to Cebu, Considered as one of the most beautiful cities of the Philippines started with a dream to see again love ones and it ended as a reality. I started planning this trip a year ago and now….

The trip from Marco Polo Airport (greatly improved in these last years!) to Dubai and then to Cebu was pleasant. I think it is not only because we took a flight with one of the most reliable airlines in the world, Emirates ( of course after having travelled a lot, for me, this is the best Airline company that I had the pleasure to travel with), packing and organizing the luggage ahead of time ( I start listing all the things that I plan to bring + the “pasalubong” for my family and friends – a Filipino tradition, mentioned in one of my latest blogs, that I honestly don’t want to break!), and of course, saving for this trip. The following are the things that I did for this long haul flight which made this trip begin in the way I wanted it. A pleasant and an enjoyable one. As an Italian saying goes “chi ben comincia, è a metà dell’opera” – well begun is half done:

1. Thought of a country to visit.

2. Considered the expenses that would be incurred for the trip. I always choose basing on the rule: Quality must go with the price.

3. After deciding where to go, I start buying 6 months before the things needed for the trip. Meaning, enough time to avail for discounts on the items. I get more value if I buy the same thing when it is on Sale. (Of course I don’t always find the ones I would like to buy at a discounted price).

4. I buy the plane tickets months before (usually 6 months before as I’ve noticed that buying them ahead gives me more chances to pay the same ticket at a discounted rate.)

5. There are a lot of ways to book a hotel accommodation these days. I usually avail for the booking services of Expedia and Until now, they never failed me. Oh! Lately, for a brief stay out of town, Airbnb can be a good option too! ( this is according to my hotel booking experience. I am sure that other persons knows other ways that are even better!)

6. Preparing myself physically (exercise) and mentally (each place is different, each of us is unique and Evolution is a priority. I travel to learn more about people and places. To make myself understand the great opportunity to be in this planet called “Earth”.

7. I start packing ahead of time ( 2 months ahead and finally close the luggage 3 days before departure) having in mind the rules of the airline company and the rules of the country of destination.

8. A pouch for all the documents needed for the trip.

9. A good rest before the trip.

View from the plane window. Marco Polo, Venice

Parklane Cebu

Airplane wing…


Mango, “Puto maya” – a typical Cebuano steamed dessert prepared with glutinous rice and coconut milk and “Sikwate” – the typical Cebuano hot pure chocolate drink.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Friday!