Acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia)

Hello everyone! one of the things that I have learned living in one of the towns in the Veneto region is about the value of this tree and it’s flowers. It is like a miracle tree! during the later months of autumn, some farmers or land owners would prune this tree and use the wood as  firewood in their wood stoves and in spring, it is an old tradition here in the province of Treviso (unfortunately this tradition is fading! I was lucky enough to learn about this tree thanks to a very special person called “Zia – auntie Yolanda.) when this tree blooms, it is really heartwarming to smell the scent of its flower while walking through an ancient path near where I live because it reminds me of all the good things learned living far from my country of origin. Am I lucky to have met the right persons thus making it really possible the so called “integration”? Or is it my curiosity and positive mental attitude which brought me to see the bright side of life? Life is a learning process for me. Everyday is a new opportunity to use the five senses.



I thought…If ever someone, somewhere, is dreaming and hoping to find a good recipe to make the so called “fritelle di Fiori d’acacia” – acacia flower fritters (always check that you are not allergic to this flower), then I would like to share the recipe of Zia Yolly with you.

Frittelle di fiori d’acacia

(for 10 – 15 flowers)

170 grams of flour

25 grams of sugar

1 egg

150 grams of milk

a pinch of salt

Mix a above ingredients well with a whisk.

Dip into this batter the acacia flowers (after washing and left to dry on a kitchen towel)

Heat the cooking oil and cook the fritters. It takes 2-3 minutes to for these fritters to be ready.



And for all Mothers like me or those who will be and most especially to my Mom, here’s wishing  you all an amazing day!

“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”. This is the saying which my mother told me. Now I know why.  Thank you mom for being such a wonderful guide and gift to me.


Tripod + ISO 100 + 140mm + f/14 + 1/30s This rose is part of a variety called “Rosa nostalgica” (nostalgic rose)


Tripod + ISO 100 + 140mm + f/8 + 1/250s. After 6 pm


I was wondering what would  it be to take a picture of a rose after 8 pm yesterday and…


Aperture priority mode  — ISO 100  – –  140 mm – –  f/10  —  1.3 s. — of course with the help of my Manfrotto tripod!


“Santana” 2020  –  Aperture priority mode – ISO 100  –  140 mm – f/6.3 – .8s + a tripod

Trying to learn more about post production…


Aperture priority mode  – ISO 100  –  140mm  –  f/16  –  4.0s + a Manfrotto tripod

In the end, I was really glad that I did not give up on the idea of taking a picture of something so beautiful because by doing so, I learned something more about my DLSR. The relation between ISO – APERTURE – SHUTTER SPEED. I know that I still have a lot to learn but for each new photo taken, it would mean a step nearer to my goal.

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a wonderful day!




To breath

The last time I was able to see this beautiful old trail was almost two months ago. One of the effects of the pandemic. It is incredible how a once, almost taken for granted opportunity can be a source of profound joy. This is like looking into something with different eyes.


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Amazing how nature alone can bring so much color… poppies – “papaveri” and co.

In the early part of spring when poppy plants  are not yet in bloom, I usually gather some of it (cutting the plant 1/2 inch above the roots), clean it well (I think removing the dirt attached to the leaves of the plant is not really an easy job!), and steam or cook it with a little water and  then use it in “frittate” – scrambled eggs or even in “risottos” – Italian way of cooking rice. But one must be very careful because, if you don’t know well this plant or you are allergic to it, you might get intoxicated. I usually gather them for consumption only if I am with an expert or when I buy them in the grocery store!

Taking pictures while practicing what I’ve learned until now about photography and meeting some persons with mask (another effect of the pandemic), I started thinking about all those years when I have taken for granted going around freely without mask – “maschera”, gloves “guanti” and a sanitizer – “disinfettante” with me. But now, inspite of the inconvenience,  a walk,  after all this period of mobility restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this newly granted freedom, though limited,  is like breathing “air” for me.

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Corn fields and vines…


and “camomille” – chamomile…

Oh! although I enjoyed a lot this 2 hour walk, but I realized too that taking pictures on a sunny day in spring (from 2 pm until 5 pm) is not really that easy. As I’ve said, I have a long way to go but in the end, what is important is to learn something more each day.

Stay safe and healthy and thank you for dropping by.




Who knows what is in the soul of an Iris?




When the blue color of an Iris flower reminds me of the blue skies, the color of the sea in summer and one of the profound aspects of nature.



These days of lockdown due to the pandemic made me realize even more that nature brings something new each day. It is incredible how it can bring colors without needing paint or a brush. Beauty as is. What’s more, it is free!

Oh! these pictures were taken using the Aperture priority mode, ISO 100 and a “Manfrotto” tripod. Took the pictures after 6 pm. Using this “A” priority mode, a Nikon 5200, I choose the Aperture and the camera automatically adjusted the shutter speed.

It is already late here in Italy so I am left with greeting you all “Have a pleasant and fruitful week!



Hello everyone! Have you ever seen the morning dew on a Chive plant?


ISO 100  – 48 mm  – f/6.3  – 1/320  s

Chives are great  on steamed potatoes and scrambled eggs, the flowers are tasty and decorative on vegetable salads (Oh! I am not allergic to almost anything so if you are, as what our a guide told us during a tour about aromatic and herbal plants, “Beware! some plants are lethal for some persons! ) but I never saw the beautiful effect of the morning dew on it!


ISO 100 –  140 mm –  f/6.3 – 1/320 s

Chives are easy to grow plants. At least in the northern part of Italy. I cut it 1 cm from the roots at the end of autumn and like magic, it sprouts again in spring. It’s even easy to multiply! by dividing the roots in whatever time of the year (words from a not so expert gardener! until now, from a plant I was already able to make 4!)


ISO 100  – 48 mm. – f/5.6  –  1/160 s

April is a beautiful month not only because it is usually a time when I start to see the rebirth of dormant plants, the flowering of bulbs planted at the end of winter but also it is a time when the days starts to be longer and the warm rays of the sun starts to linger more.  Although I cannot go yet to garden centers to buy new plants for my vegetable garden  – unfortunately one of the effects of the Covid-19 virus, the opportunity to order them online is really a very much appreciated service. Hoping for the end of this pandemic and looking forward for better days to come!

Thank you for dropping by.




Looking into something, capturing it  and then trying to apply the aspect ratio…


My Peony plant this year bloomed adding cheer, color and hope bringing a promise for better days to come.


Manual priority mode  – ISO 100  –   70 mm –   f/6.3  –  1/125 s


Manual priority mode   –  ISO 100  –  100 mm  –  f/14  –   1/80 s

Life is a series of changes and this Covid-19 pandemic brought profound realizations in the lives of a lot of persons,  including me.

As I was listening to a dear elderly man saying “this lockdown makes a day seem longer than it was before the pandemic!” and I silently thought, “Is it possible that he had forgotten how precious is time and that if he has much of it now due to the mobility restrictions, he is even too blind to see it?”.

Then I thought of the essence of everything. There is love, life and hope in each new day,

Thank you for dropping by.



Mahonia Aquifolium 2020 – MANUAL PRIORITY MODE – ISO 100 – 40mm – f/11 – 1/125 s

These past few weeks here in the north (Veneto region) of Italy, with the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging like a hurricane in the lives of the people living in a secured and peaceful part of Italy, the days were filled with new emotions and new experiences too! It is really incredible how a submicroscopic highly contagious agent could change the lives of millions of people. As for me, it gave me a lot of thoughts to ponder on like:

  • I never really imagined that at one point in my life I would find myself in the midst of a pandemic. I realized, there is no point in complaining due to closed shops and limited mobility, what is important is to help solve the problem.
  • “Smart working ” is the term that is being used here to indicate those who work at home. What an experience! This opportunity to work at home made me realize that this new (for me) mode of working is not only time saving (you don’t lose time due to the traffic), energy saving and at the same time,  it is environment friendly too! It is a car less (emission and risk less!)  on the road. It’s a great opportunity but it is also means big responsibility.
  • Gardening and nature. I like to observe my environment and listen to the sound of birds chirping and yet, this time during this Lockdown, it seems like until now, I have not  observed nor listened really enough.
  • Due to the news about the havoc  and suffering brought by Covid-19 in Italy, especially in the northern part, but it seems to bring continents closer. Everyone that I know who are living outside of Italy showed their concern and sent their prayers. But what is more important is feeling the essence of family ties and friendship. This is amazing!
  • Relationship. It is for some, seeing for the first time in years the true value of the good things and persons who were always there.
  • Loss. It is not easy to understand how in a moment, a once stable, certain  and well defined aspect in life could change.

Of course I am afraid but at the same time, I hope and I believe, that very soon,  a vaccine will be found and finally give everyone…a sigh of relief and live again!

Wishing everyone a peaceful Easter Sunday!


A tulip

I thought that it was too late to plant it

I thought it was, yet I  still buried the bulb in January

And now, It’s telling me

Sometimes a last moment is not final

I grasp the last possible moment

And found myself looking at this delicate flower.



ISO 100   –  140mm – f/8  –  1/125s


ISO 100  – 140mm  – f/8  –  1/250s (post production – still learning…)

Oh! this flower reminds me of the beautiful bedtime story “Thumbelina”.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day!


A little sunshine

Viburnum Carlesii


Manual priority mode – a tripod – ISO 100 – 90 mm – f/5.3 – 1/200 s

Although this shrub shows its beautiful flowers only in spring, but the its blooms will always be  part of one of my most beautiful memories of spring.


Manual priority mode – a tripod – ISO 100 – 32 mm – f/4 – 1/500 s

After all…A way to say that it is possible to play the strings of love through the mere sight of a flower.