Val Pusteria, Alto Adige, Italy

What happens when someone gets a little freedom to move around after the Coronavirus pandemic?

Life is a journey. Inspite of the pandemic, I am happy to know that it is still possible to experience new sensations and discover new places.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

The pink Lotus flower

One day I filled an empty pond with water and thought of a water lily…I planted a pink Lotus and found joy and beauty.


ISO 100 – 100mm – f/9 – 1/200s


ISO 100 – 140mm – f/9 – 1/200s

“Like a Lotus, let the beauty of your heart speak.”

Have a nice day!




Gardening 2020

Hello everyone!

It’s been some years since I last started to learn about vegetable gardening. Growing vegetables in a small space, applying the method of companion planting and in some way helping the environment. I also learned a lot about plants and the pleasure it gives just by seeing them grow.

Sowing and reaping.

Kale, Chards, Calendula and Borage
Swiss chards
30 sq. meters and 3 plots (18 sq. meters) with at least 3 kinds of plants each. Tomatoes, Borage, celery, some onions and some strawberry plants.
Not only vegetable plants but flowers too! flowers attract useful insects and helps them too!
Corn, squash and beans… an experiment 🤔
Cucumber plants, pole beans, tomatoes and eggplants…

Someone said “The love of gardening is the seed once sown that never dies“

Wishing everyone a beautiful and restful weekend!

Rifugio Scarpa,Voltago Agordino (BL)

Hello everyone! It’s summer and time to visit places (unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, here in the Veneto region,  we still need to wear a mask if we go inside shops, alpine refuges and to always use sanitizers – this is a practice which is actually not a bad!) but life is better now (we have more freedom to go and visit places!) than the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak!

While I was doing this trail n. 771 starting from the hamlet “Frassene” in the small town of Voltago Agordino, the decision to to do some trekking in this part of the province of Belluno was really a good idea. The first trail done in this part of Belluno because I always thought that the best and most beautiful mountain refuges are located in the zone near the famous city of Cortina d’Ampezzo. I was really surprised to see that even in this not so renowned  part of the province of Belluno I can see and walk on a trail which is well marked, easy enough (more than a trail it is a wide path) and with a so beautiful view of the Dolomites (oh! Trail n. 771 has a dislevel of 600 mt.  from Frassene  to Rifugio Scarpa –  1 hr and 30 minutes walk  according to our map – for me it was 2 hrs and 30 minutes because of my passion for photography!, at the end of the day I realized that inadequate information and prejudice is often a bad data to consider when it comes to evaluating the trail and alpine refuge to reach. I must say that this is truly one of the most beautiful mountain path/trail that I have ever done here in Italy. Oh! A mountain refuge can offer you a lot of good food to eat but if you want to save, you can always bring with you a some food/snacks/fruit from home and consume it while sitting on a picnic blanket. The budget for this trip was only €25 including the gasoline, home prepared sandwiches, snacks bought from a supermarket, coffee and a piece of cake bought from the Refuge. Spending a lot of money is not always the only way to enjoy life! This is the first Alpine refuge of the season and I sure hope that I’ll be able to discover more before the summer ends.

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finally the alpine refuge…Rifugio Scarpa – Gurekian 1735 m


The weather started to change when we arrived at the refuge but I guess, for those who have trekked  here in the mountains in the north of Italy, the weather can change easily after 2 pm in the afternoon.




Lilium bulbiferum – Giglio di San Giovanni – ISO 100 – 56mm – f/9 – 1/160s

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Life is like a never-ending story and it is always up to us to paint it with the beautiful colors of love, peace, joy and compassion.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday and a pleasant week ahead!

The waterfalls of Gares, (BL)

Hello everyone!

Years have gone by since the last time (I guess almost 20 years ago) I saw these two amazing gifts of nature and it is really heartwarming to see it again, still so beautiful and well preserved, after all these years! It is incredible how certain places could bring back memories and with it the essence of those moments.


Trail n. 704

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The trail was even better than I remembered but I had to watch my step and of course, my camera!

Flora and finally…


“La Cascata bassa”


ISO 100 – 30 mm – f/18 – 1/80s (I’m still trying to put in a picture what I really want to say…the essence of water)



“La Cascata alta”


ISO – 100 –  18mm – f/18 – 1/60s

At the end of the day, something caught my eye…A new cycle is about to begin for this Taraxacum officinale – Dandelion


ISO 100 – 140mm – f/6.3 – 1/320s


ISO 100 – 100 mm – f/8 – 1/250s

Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday!




A walkway…

Sant’Augusta, Vittorio Veneto (TV), Italy.



Hello everyone! As life here in the northern part of Italy is slowly going back to normal (finally we can now go to some places within the region – fortunately, the region of Veneto have a lot of very interesting places,  both natural and historical, to visit), years back somebody told me about this particular walkway in the heart of the city of Vittorio Veneto in the province of Treviso, but honestly, I was not prepared to see a place so enchanting, so peaceful and so beautiful. I thought, this is one of those places where reality is surely a lot better than imagination!


A rare sight…or just an eye opener that indeed, there is really so much to see and learn from this world!

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after 45 minutes…


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I loved the light…


“L’amore è il solo tesoro che aumenta con dividerlo” – Love is the only treasure which multiplies  when you give it.


Malva sylvestris

“When nature talks, it is like the union of heart and mind.” Afs

Have an amazing Sunday and thank you for dropping by…

Molinetto della Croda, Refrontolo (TV), Italy

Hello everyone! Finally, after more than two months of  “lockdown” due to the Covid-19 pandemic…I was able to go to this town in the province of Treviso to see this historic place and to try using an ND filter  and … realizing that I still need to learn a lot about this aspect of photography.


ISO 125 – 32mm – f/20 – 15.0s – Tripod – ND 1000


ISO 125 – 27 mm – f/4 – 0.6s – Tripod – ND 1000

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday and a pleasant and fruitful week ahead!


A Calendula.  ISO 100 – 140mm – f20 – 30.0s – Tripod – ND 1000

Peonia rosa

Have you ever seen a pink Peony in bloom?

I thought that this plant, thinking of the beauty of its flowers, is not easy to cultivate here in the north of Italy. I thought that someone who had this plant must be a really good gardener. I was wrong! Instead of letting negative emotions like the incapability to grow this plant, I decided to buy some tubers during a plant exhibit in the city of Padova in the Veneto region. Three years have passed and every spring, it never fails to show me its beautiful flowers. Oh! the plant dies in winter but comes back every spring with its amazing blooms. Another subject for my journey through photography. I realized that sometimes I don’t really need a park or someone else’s garden to practice taking photos!


ISO 125 – 90 mm – f18 – 1/6 s

It is only today that I decided to read  something  more about this beautiful flower. Its meaning…

“A flower which brings good fortune and good luck for a happy marriage. A symbol of love and affection, good fortune, honor, courage and a noble heart. When in bloom, it brings  peace.”

Oh my God! I do hope this easy to grow plant will bring all those above mentioned good vibes! For me,  this flower is so beautiful it just makes me feel happy!


ISO 125 – 140mm – f/18 – 1/3s


ISO 125 – 140 mm – f/18 – 1/6s

The sensation of touching…immortality…

Wishing everyone an amazing weekend!


“Santana”  – A red rose…poetry