Marmolada, the queen of the Dolomites

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5A6E4D7A-CA01-4CFE-8C88-80C465C7E3B2One of the best things about living in the Veneto region is the possibility of being in one of the best territories  in Italy. Honestly, I was so busy coping up with everyday life that it’s only lately that I started to realize (maybe because I have more time to spend for myself), that I live near one of the most interesting and beautiful parts of Italy. Venice is a few minutes by train, Verona, Padua and the  Dolomites is just a few hours drive away. Although it took me a lot of years to realize that I am living in a region with a lot of sites considered by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) as a world heritage but I also believe that this is the right moment for me to begin to understand the value of  everything around me. Travelling is surely one of the best way to savor and to appreciate more deeply life in all its aspects.

From the moment I saw the morning star shining on top of the Sorapis mountain, the Dolomite mountain ranges (declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site) have fascinated me enough to make me visit it or walk its trails every year. As I have written in an article in a  local journal more than 20 years ago, the beauty of the Dolomites evokes in me that intense and beautiful sensation  whenever I see some beaches in the islands of Mindanao and Visayas, Philippines. A simple yet profound way of nature to say, “Hey! look at me, I’m beautiful, priceless and I’m always here for you! the only thing I ask is for you to love and take care of me.”


Yesterday I woke up thinking what particular place to visit this weekend and pop! How about visiting a museum dedicated to the heroes who fought in the Marmolada range in the Alps during the First World War?  The Museum is truly interesting to visit (unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures inside the museum. The two pictures above were taken at the entrance to the museum.) but after listening to the audio guides about the life of the soldiers and the objects recovered during that war displayed in the museum, I just can’t help myself feeling very sad. War is never the solution. Love is.

Wishing everyone a pleasant Sunday!




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I woke up thinking about Venice. Today is Monday, this very historical and beautiful city is just a short train trip away so, I thought, it would be more fruitful and enjoyable to visit this city and learn something than sitting at home and watching TV. Guess what I learned? A deeper knowledge about the famous venetian painter “Tintoretto” – Jacopo Robusti ( unfortunately it was prohibited to take pictures of the exhibition) and… Venice is always full of tourist even on Monday.

Pictures from “Palazzo del Doge”, Venice

It is a very hot day but Venice still has the power to cool me. Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

Travelling is…

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So many thoughts came to my mind these past days and it was like going back in time. I thought about the latest trip to Paris and a city near the Italian border called Annecy and the short stop at the city of Geneve in Switzerland and it was like feeling again that sense of excitement and awe that I felt at seeing new places. Indeed, there is so much to learn from this world, unfortunately the time that I have is not enough to visit more places and to learn something more. The chest where I store my golden memories is too small to contain everything savored and all those moments still to be lived. Life, inspite of everything is a very interesting journey for me.

“Freedom or death” this phrase really gave me the idea that freedom is the beginning of evolution. A monument inside the Pantheon in the city of Paris

Giardino del Palazzo di Lussemburgo, Parigi

Notre Dame, Paris

Museo d’Orsay, Parigi

Place della Concorde and the Obelisk that once marked the entrance to the temple of Luxor in Egypt. Awed and feeling privileged to have seen these.

L’Opera, Parigi

Place Vendome and the historical bronze column

Annecy, Parigi

Container gardening? – in the background the church of Notre Dame Liesse

May this coming week be an opportunity for everyone to learn more, to share the best in us more and to LOVE more.

Marigolds and a butterfly


I returned home from work, tired more mentally than physically and in a vase of marigolds I saw a butterfly hovering over, looking for the perfect bud or simply admiring the bright yellow orange color of the marigolds?

The sight might be simple and insignificant for someone else, but for me, it was like a ray of joy after a day of work.

The swallowtail butterfly considered as one of the most beautiful butterflies in Italy in my garden?

wishing everyone a pleasant day!


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The trip to this wonderful city was an eye opener for me. Another city, added knowledge of a place dreamed of to see and most of all…the realization that life is indeed a wonderful journey!

A girl admiring the view from the Museum with the largest Impressionist Collection in the world .

The Avenue des Champs-Élysées, France

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

A view from the Arc de Triomphe Paris

A view from the Galeries Lafayette, Paris

A view of the Eiffel Tower from Trocadéro, Paris

Sacré-Cœur, Paris

Luxembourg Palace, Paris

The Palace of Fontainebleau or Château de Fontainebleau

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!



It takes a lot of discerning to understand certain things.

It takes a lot of patience so as to keep on hoping.

It takes a lot of humility and wisdom to accept the things that cannot be changed.

It takes a lot of love to let the flames of hope live forever in my heart.

Cerastium arvense, Passo Gardena, Italy

Wishing everyone a pleasant and joyful weekend!