An act of kindness,

When you say “hello” and smile

When you ask “how are you” and wish someone the best

When you help someone to make a dark day bright

It is when you plant seeds of kindness and at one point in time you reap its fruits…

A phone call + an unexpected handmade gift “i dolcetti siciliani alle mandorle” + a smile and a hug… but the most important gift of all is knowing that a seed of goodwill sown years back has grown into a beautiful and robust plant of true friendship.

Wishing everyone a pleasant and fruitful week!

Crocus Flavus

September here in Italy is a beautiful month for me because it brings the lavender and fuchsia colors of the Asters and the golden yellow color of the Crocus Flavus plant which was a heartwarming gift from a now retired officemate.

The crocus flavus plant is a very easy to cultivate plant. After its flowers have withered and the green leaves starts to turn yellow, all I need to do is cut it until the base and it starts to produce flowers again at the end of summer/beginning of autumn.

With peppermint plant…

Even a plant can be a good reminder of a person who will forever have a special place in my heart.

Wishing everyone a nice day!

Mushroom exhibit

“Mostra micologica di Zero Branco, province of Treviso

One of the best things to do here in the province of Treviso is to visit exhibits and town festivals. The following are some pics from the Mushroom exhibit during “52° Sagra del Peperone”; Zero Branco (TV), Italy

“La Sagra del Peperone” – The Bell pepper festival

Zero Branco, Province of Treviso, Italy

Wishing everyone a pleasant and fruitful week!

As another week unfolds

I fill my thoughts with all the beautiful things seen until this day

I dream of new opportunities and positive experiences

I hope for new ways to understand the connection between life and time

My past is nothing but a guideline to the present

The future is a dream, almost within reach.

Campo Tures 2019, Alto Adige, Italy

Wishing everyone a pleasant and fruitful week!

I dream of blue skies, cool air, a mountain and fields with flowers

I hope the ticks will not find me.

Villa Parco Bolasco, Castelfranco Veneto (TV), Italy

A romantic garden…

Wandering thoughts

Refreshing hues of green

A memory.

Sophora Japonica Pendula…A Sleeping Beauty for more than 100 years.

Villa Revedin Bolasco.

A particular staircase that caught

my eye. “Lo scalone del Meduna”

Le scuderie – the Stable

A romantic garden to help me understand even more, that life is a journey, sometimes in search for the hidden priceless “gems”… a landscape created by man and nature to give generations to come an amazing gift that could last forever…

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

Anterselva Lake, Alto Adige, Italy

Sometimes it is not always a question of having time to visit amazing places. Finding time and saving for it can sometimes make this dream possible.

A map of the Lake. The trail for the walk around the lake was easy for an average hiker like me and well-signed.

How about reading a book for 20 minutes from this point of the lake? Oh! Sometimes, I find myself so busy to read a 200 pages book in a week so I decided to read a few pages everyday so I could surely finish it in a month. If I could do this, I’d be able to read at least 8 books in a year!

And as I walk around this beautiful lake, I met a lot of persons, with their families or alone, with different expressions on their faces. And I thought, we can savor the beauty of this amazing place because somebody thought of taking care of it.


A wood sculpture…

An easy 2 hours hike and it left me with a lasting and very profound and beautiful memory.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and restful Sunday.

“Sentiero delle Leggende” to Rifugio Vajolet, Italy

The “Sentiero delle Leggende”, Val di Fassa, Italy – one of the pathways to reach Rifugio Vajolet.

The joy of finally reaching one of the mountain huts in my bucket list is beyond words. Maybe because it was in my list for 23 years!

Dreams do come true if it is meant to be… Act and plan + dream and believe 🤔

To reach the “Sentiero delle leggende” – we took 2 chairlifts from Pera di Fassa to Pian Pecei.

The following are some views from the trail…

The first legend. ” gli Stregoni dei Mugoni” – The wizards of the Mugons

A natural garden only nature can do. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough to take care of this free and amazing gift.

Rifugio Gardeccia

Rifugio Stella Alpina

Rifugio Preuss…


Rifugio Vajolet

Le torri del Vajolet

The Dolomites…an amazing place to be and to see.

On the way back, a short stop by this stream of cold water to dip for a minute my feet and…

A small butterfly hovered and stopped on a small rock. Resting like me?

Wishing everyone an amazing week!